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Introduction and some initial guidelines Apr. 17th, 2005 @ 12:23 am
Welcome to Numinosa. :D

There will be, providing everyone accepts their invite, ten of us in this group, which I will keep closed, only inviting new members if everyone agrees.

For this community to work, everyone needs to take part, not just by posting dreams, but also by helping other people work on theirs. For this reason, it seems important to me that people not spam the community with dreams if they are lucky enough to remember dreams every night. We all lead busy lives, and I don't think any of us have the time to dedicate too much time to this community. If the quality of groupwork is to be maintained, a limit needs to be set. It is better, I think, to work in depth on one dream than skim over twenty.

I would suggest therefore that everyone tries to post no more than one or two dreams a month, but that we make exceptions for Numinous Dreams (dreams that feel particularly important or archetypal).

I strongly recommend that every member keeps a separate dream diary from this community in which to detail all their dreams, not just the ones worked on here. This dream diary should preferably be on-line and readable by other members. This is because dreams can provide more information if not viewed in isolation, and the more attention you pay to your subconscious, the more it will reveal to you. I've linked to my dream journal at the side, and if you let me know yours, I will add them to the link bar.

I also recommend that everyone keeps their own symbol dictionary, but as mine exists only in a combination of synapse and long hand currently, I'd be hypocritical to insist that everyone else has one on line. ;)

Dream analysis involves delving deep into our subconscious lives. While no one is obliged to share anything that they don't want to, inevitably if the group is working well, private stuff will come out. It is therefore vital that members respect the confidentiality of this community. I have set the default posting setting to 'friends' so that posts will automatically be posted friended. (This post is public however so that invitees can see it.)

As well as respecting confidentiality, I also ask that everyone respects both the dream and the dreamer. When helping someone with a dream, suggest, don't tell. You can't possibly know for sure what their dream means; only they can know that. Asking questions, or saying what a symbol would mean to you, if you had dreamt it, can be far more helpful than making judgements about what a symbol means in someone else's dream. Smug comments such as 'I wondered when you were going to work that one out' are a definite no-no.

To start with, things may feel a little awkward, especially as I believe I'm the only one who knows each one of you, but I urge us all to persist as it will only be when we really get to know each other that the group situation will work best for dream exploration.

Over the next few days, I will be putting up notes of one kind or another concerning Jungian dreamwork techniques. These are for general information only and not something to be taken as gospel or even read at all if you don't fancy it. Think of them as colours on a palette, to be used if they seem instinctively appropriate. Ultimately, dreamwork is a work of instinct, not intellect, and there can be no rules.

I'll also try to get up an example of 'worked' dream, so that you can see how it looks.

For the meantime, I suggest we all introduce ourselves (in separate posts to this one) and talk about our general dream experience up to this point. (There, that almost sounded professional, didn't it? ;) )
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